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Be insect friendly–they outnumber us!
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Insects are amazing! They are everywhere, and although they sometimes bother us, they are just trying to make their way in the world like everybody else. They are small, but their bodies have very complex shapes and structures. The more closely you look, the more interesting they become. So don’t just think of them as tiny pests. Look around, and see how wondrous they are.

Be sure to visit our Store and the Bug Mugs section! We have memorable mugs and gifts for the entomologist in your life that you’ll find nowhere else. These items are all from original images hand drawn by our own staff. No clip art products here! Check back often—we change the Featured Insect as new ones become available.

In the Gallery, you can see insects previously featured (Bug Mugs are usually still available), and copy their pictures into email to send to your friends!

Buy a Bug Mug!
Buy a Bug Mug!
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